Mind control & ANT crop circle; interpretation.

23.06.2019 17:14
Quetzalcoatl. The old Mayans predicted that their great god Quetzalcoatl would, after a long absence, come back in the new cycle due to begin in 2012.Mind control and prevention of enlightenment. Identity: iPhone(Steve Jobs died of cancer.)Ant Crop Circle:Sparticles Wood, Netherme-on-the-Hill,...


21.06.2019 09:38
21/6 2019Three U.S. senators received a closed-door Pentagon briefing yesterday about UFO sightings....READ MORECalled the '5 observables' by a former Pentagon investigator, they include hypersonic speed, erratic movement and the ability to fly without wings.READ MORE


17.06.2019 11:34
Kun henkikeho on saastunut tai rikki henkiparasiittien tai muun stressin takia on seurauksena psyykkinen ja fyysinen epätasapaino.Kaukoparannusta voi käyttää TUKIHOITONA henkilölle, joka HALUAA parantua. Sillä poistetaan heilurirukouksen avulla energiakentästä ulottuvuusten väliset tekijät,...

Enkelipuhelin toimii!

12.06.2019 15:03
Syntymäpäivänäni 12. kesäkuuta 2019.PÄIVÄN ENKELIORAAKKELI-KORTIT (The Angel Oracle / Ask Your Angels)Michael, tietoisuuden eri tasotTransformaatio enkeli, jotakin manifestoituu sinulleOta rennosti, anna enkelten tehdä työtKurkkuchakrasta ja kuinka se on enkelikommunikaation keskus: enkelikirjassa...

Cosmic contact! Massive UFO Sighting Over Colombia

01.06.2019 08:37
Great video:  Jump to 01:10 min.  Massive UFO Sighting Over Colombia ' Mysterious White Dots UFO In Sky I have seen this kind of "plasma dots" many times, because I have been looking into the skies since my childhood. I also have seen flocks of orange ones flying at extreme...

The near-death experience of Heidi Craig

26.05.2019 20:38
Don´t miss Heidi Craig´s story! Abused, highly sensitive woman married to a womanizer explains how she had a near-death experience while giving birth to her third child, and how the messages she received helped her practice faith and forgiveness. VIDEO

UFO Disclosure Has Already Happened | Lee Speigel video

20.05.2019 10:03
When the human animal´s conciousness rises from the animal kingdom-level (solar plexus) to the level of humanity (heart chakra) then the new form of communicating is being activated. It is called telepathy. We will simply just communicate with the Ets & Angels and the Universe in an honest way...

Thank You Sirians!

18.05.2019 14:15
Amazing information and healing can be received during and after "SIRIUS-meditation"Transmissions have sometimes been strange, not understandable codes which I have downloaded with the pendulum. One of the codes lead me (via Google) to LAXMAN INNERTAINMENT SYSTEM!!...

This man´s guardian angels inform him about extraterrestrials!

16.05.2019 19:03
VIDEO: Extraterrestrial Revelation & Disclosure ' Patrick De HaanPatrick´s angels have told him aboutlisten at 19:57SIRIANS -the blue ones :)Pleiadians Arcturians and beings from Canopus.These starbeings are the creators of the human DNA and act as protectors of...

Ask Your Angels vs The Treasure Hunt = SAME, SAME BUT DIFFERENT!

12.05.2019 15:45
The former left-brainer Rizwan Virk became "rich and successfull" by listening to his intuition! Rizwan Virk is a successful entrepreneur, video game pioneer, film producer, venture capitalist and bestselling author. Riz's software products have been used by the largest enterprises in the world,...
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