Witness of Another World-film & Basic Grounding Meditation

11.04.2020 13:34


I was without money....


Then the spirit world intervened and a nice lady ordered  one Angel Mandala and then I could see this wonderfull "Witness of Another World"-film for 59 kr on Youtube!


At around 1:06:00 a wise shaman says: 


".....Those distant foreigners are also closer to the Earth´s interior..."


I have practised Basic Grounding Meditation  since 1992 (Ask Your Angels/Ballantine books) and I experienced a powerfull spiritual opening when I came in contact with the Earth energy. (Kundalini rising.)


-Please, do notice that the  Basic Grounding Meditation is recorded on my dictaphone which I use for my dream work, so the sound quality is not perfect.


   Meditationen på svenska.


Meditaatio suomeksi.


I have been bullied by other people when I started to use my spiritual name Mari Aton


but why should I care what ignoramus say and think?