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The stars / starbeings are connected with different Angels who help us when they are being asked. Combining the stars and angels: MARI-ATON Jalkanen, CSETI-Ambassador to the Universe, SPIRIT-ARM.SE



For thousands of years, in all cultures, people have been meditating on their favorite stars. Many rituals have also been focused on certain of these heavenly bodies. By gazing at certain stars, breathing in their energy and directing that energy to certain areas of the body, profound change is available. An intention or thought of gratitude and connection can also greatly serve this process.
Not only can the stars and those sentient beings that dwell amongst them broadcast thoughts and energies directly to us in a quick manner but we too can send our thoughts and feelings to them.

I. Sirius (Alpha Canis Majoris) - Vibrational Shift. (RAPHAEL) This star is excellent for anyone actually suffering from some physical affliction, for its curative vibrations are able to penetrate all of the various bodies of the human being. (Tapestry by M.C. Cooke) The proximity of this star and the brightness of it are both symbolic to tell people that the transformation of the physical body is of great importance at this time. The underlying message is that the physical vehicle is the place to begin, and its brightness is simply to remind you of this. On the highest level of such work, there is energy for the ability of the person to shift vibration -- to change the vibration of the physical body to match better that of the spirit, to be able to change the vibration to higher dimensional levels. Using this elixir, one can observe significantly enhanced communication between the subtle bodies. Communication will tend to be enhanced between the physical and etheric bodies. This can be of benefit when healers are working with any level of what may be called sympathetic, empathic, or symbiotic healing. In such cases, there is a clear recommendation for use of this starlight elixir so that they are able to rectify the problem in themselves quickly. At a higher spiritual level, the deeper meaning of a disease is likely to emerge. This can be an aspect of some level of denial, difficulty in working out one's lessons in the world, some aspect of the personality misunderstood, or even some information from a past not fully received. In working with this star, subtle bodies therefore provide a different perspective for the individual and give them a better idea of the missing component in that life's lesson; or, in more powerful cases, the aspects denied in the person. One must actively seek this, however. 

II. Alcyone (Eta Tauri) - Extraterrestrial Contact. (URIEL). The primary star in the Pleiades group. Can provide one with a significantly enhanced ability to channel from extraterrestrials, to do this in a balanced way, and to perceive the correct place of contact with entities from other planetary systems. An ability to extract from this channeled data a deeper understanding of all that happens in the ways of these worlds that touch our world, and from this extraction of information to utilize it properly and appropriately in one's life. An ability to perceive enhanced spiritual truths that may be shared and understood as universal principle. 

III. Alnitak (Zeta Orionis) - Psychic Abilities. (MICHAEL). With this elixir potential is made more readily available to individuals for higher energies involved with psychic functioning. These energies can lead to significant vibrational shift in the individual. Thus, these abilities will be strengthened, as well as more energy will be provided to use these abilities. These psychic abilities can include remote viewing, translocation, matter duplication, levitation, prescience and vision of the internal organs of the physical body.

 IV. Gertab (Kappa Scorpii) - Hidden Emotions. (GABRIEL).  The use of this star can strengthen the connection between the mental and astral bodies. This can help create clear mental pictures for various emotional states. The nature of hidden emotions is better understood and through the use of this elixir. The release of hidden emotions is also enhanced through Gertab.


  1. Procyon (Alpha Canis Minoris. A wiring Angel) Mental Acuity. Provides a greater acuity of mental functioning, and brings enhanced states of concentration and the ability to strengthen the physical body. As a result. there is an increased understanding of the reflex points in the physical body at an intuitive level for many people. There is also an enhanced ability to absorb energy directly from plants, the Earth, and the Sun.

  2. M104 (Sombrero Galaxy. An Angel of Nature)- Creativity. Using M104 can be helpful in the understanding of the creative process. It can be used for individuals who have blockages, from childhood or past lives, to certain things they need to learn in order to put their creative ideas into action. The ability to learn these new things will be strengthened, and the various blockages to these learning capacities will come into consciousness.

  3. Polaris (Alpha Ursae Minor. An Angel of peace) - Unity. It represents at a deep level the unconscious ability of individuals to align with a common source and to bring through energy that can be applied in the world. But in the subtler way it is a way of answering the request of so many on a spiritual path as to how to become aligned with the nature of the God energy that supports and sustains humanity as one. With this star, there can be a deeper awareness of unity amongst people. As a result of this, what comes forth may be the actual application of the energies found within the sense of unity. Thus, aligning people. bringing them into a state of some common awareness, and realigning them with higher spiritual principles can be accomplished without getting sidetracked into areas not entirely beneficial to the whole.

  4. Deneb (Alpha Cygni. A transformation Angel) - Revelation. This star has the ability to create in people deeper inspired states, and awareness of the teachings of masters. There may be an enhancement of the channeling process with connection to non-physical beings of light, assistance and love. Pranayama yoga and various martial arts are enhanced with this essence as are other practices that focus on breathing and energy generation. Information, energy transference, and integration of focused thoughts are enhanced by this star.

  5. Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis. A reograniztion Angel) - Fears Eased. This star provides a substantial increase in communication with energies of a physical nature, particularly the Earth energies; the root chakra is stimulated, and the digestive system is enhanced. The ability to perceive the difference between survival-connected energies and true spiritual awareness in others is significantly enhanced. As a result, fears are lessened, insight into the source of the fears is strengthened, and awareness as to the purpose of such fears and one's own life path in regards to the entire understanding of fear is enhanced. A good companion to Mars essence.

  6. Vega (Alpha Lyrae. A connecting Angel) - Interconnectivity. This elixir may increase one's attunement to music. An awareness of the essence of interconnectivity arises between people, one's soul family, and humanity. Helps with bonding between people; group interaction. This star is a source of musical inspiration for many and can also assist in musical appreciation.

  7. Arcturus (Alpha Bootis. An informatin Angel)- Diagnosis. Arcturus elixir is helpful for health practitioners engaged in both conventional and non-conventional practices. This essence can assist them by bringing more depth, clarity, focus, and strength to their interactions with clients. It aids in diagnosis, as well as enables the practitioner to better understand his/her own abilities and potential. When this elixir is taken by both parties, there will be a stronger exchange of energy; and the client may pose more questions to the practitioner. If it is taken for self-healing, it is important to make a link to a friend or teacher, whether physical or not, or the energies of this elixir will fade quickly. Arcturus strengthens the subtle bodies of both practitioners and clients, especially the etheric body. It also enhances the connection between the etheric and physical levels. It is important to note that this strengthening of the subtle bodies takes place regardless of whether it is used with orthodox or with non-conventional healing methods. It can assist clients in achieving a deeper understanding of their ailments, and even the side effects of certain treatment methods.

  8. Wei (Epsilon Scorpii. A technology Angel) - Hands-On Healing. The enhanced abilities to present hands-on healing energy will be observed when tuning into this star. The practitioner of Reiki, various forms of massage, acupuncture, and acupressure will do well in using this elixir. Some energy from past lives served as a healer, energies of one's guides that have direct healing capacities, and unconscious energies that might be available only under stimulating circumstances will all be more clearly available. This energy may proceed easily from the heart center, as well as the hands. Combines well with perilla flower essence and diaspore gem elixir.

  9. Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri. An attunement Angel) - Consolation/Transition. This star provides a particular blessing, since it soothes the mind that is grieving the loss of a loved one - whether through separation or death. A greater understanding of the process of death through this awareness may bring a sense of peace and calm. Hope and positive energy is transferred in recognition of the connection and the oneness between those who might have passed over and those who are still alive, between those things that you might wish for and those you have, and between that which is desired and that which is no longer needed. Through this essence the entire grieving process is accelerated and assisted, and individuals coming into contact with this compassionate energy find their own inner love and their own inner strength. Combines well with emerald essence.

  10. 10.Capella (Alpha Aurigae. An environment Angel)- Family relationships. Gives significant assistance to the physicalization of spiritual understanding, a way of bringing it into form that is practical and can be applied well in the the world it enhances the formation of creative ideas that can be transmitted and communicated between people as love, deeper compassion and understanding. It is also helpful in strengthening family connections and family ties and promoting an awareness of past-life connections within one´s biological family that can improve the relationships.

  11. 11. Alula Australis (Xi Ursa Majoris. A pattern Angel) - Emotional Flexibility. This star focuses its energy on issues of courage, strength of the nurturing instinct, and on various aspects of the development of the maturity of the emotional body. This can manifest as a greater courage to overcome negativity found in society. A deep sense of inner nurturing can develop for oneself as well as for one's family. A greater realization of emotional maturity can occur.

  12. 12. Regulus (Alpha Leonis. A process Angel) - Emotional Blocks. This star has vibrations which are able to unblock deeply-buried subconscious patterns. There can be more perseverance, greater emotional stability, and a willingness to look at such patterns. After a while, what comes forth is the natural understanding of such patterns, an ability to express them, and the capacity to accept what others might suggest that one examine and learn about.

  13. 13. Aludra (Eta Canis Majoris. A dream worker Angel)- Broadcasting Love. With this elixir comes an increased capacity to understand and work with the conscious expression of love. A deeper connection between lower chakras and the third eye chakra for the projection of such love energy into the mental spheres is enhanced by Aludra. There is benefit in combining this star elixir with gold elixir that simulate the heart energy and awareness of this center.

  14. 14. NGC 2419 (Distant Globular cluster in Lyra. An Angel of Grace) - Past Life Integration. This elixir can serve as a key to unlock the door to greater understanding about the integration of your past lives, about where you are going into the     next life, and into the next intermissive period, and about how these energies     might best be served right now in your relationships, in your health, and in various practical matters that you might wish to discover and work with. Use NGC 2419 to understand your greater karmic purpose, and to bring awareness of what's next, of the fulfillment of a larger series of missions and understanding than that which simply is personal. This elixir will also benefit individuals who are working with any form of channeling of extraterrestrials or working with the understanding of a positive nature of such beings, to comprehend where this relates more specifically to their life.

  15. 15. Spica (Alpha Virginis. Your companion Angel) - Lucidity. This star will tend to promote transference of consciousness from the superconsciousness into the waking conscious state. Energies that are already available are speeded up in this process. No new information is imparted as with some of the other stars, but that which is already available is made much clearer and brought into consciousness more easily. Lucid dreaming states, some psychic abilities -- including psychometry and levitation by the use of pure mind energy -- and remote viewing are enhanced.

  16. 16. Alphecca (Alpha Corona Borealis. A healing Angel) - Clear Decisions. The ability to juggle several ideas at once and make clear decisions will be enhanced with this elixir. An ability to extract the truth from a situation or from conflicting points of view is also enhanced. Utilize Alphecca to encourage individuals to be aware of their own natural abilities to bring in many thought forms at once and to work with these at the level of superconscious thought.