UFO-contactee Amaury Rivera and his amazing well studied case + Wendell Stevens.

04.09.2019 17:34

Amaury Rivera photographed a space ship / UFO in 1988. Those beings guiding the ship told him about an asteroid strike which is going to cause lots of havoc on Earth in the future...

This specific UFO case has been studied and investigated by hundreds of people. The famous ufologist Wendell Stevens (former American Air Force pilot) studied this case and found The Rivera case well documented!

Ufologist Michael Heseman interviews Amaury Rivera. Notice that Heseman has been advising The Vatican & the Pope in UFO matters!! And has written a book about Ratzinger and his brother.

American black suits (?) came to Amaurys home and ordered him to give the camera and the film to them! He refused and said that he doesn´t have anything to give.

Here is the VIDEO!

In another longer version of this same video he tells that he had hidden the camera and the film at his cousin´s place!!

-Unfortunately I can not find that video anymore. I used to have it on my ce5-sthlm-site which I closed after 7 years.

UFO Archives of Wendelle Stevens

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UFO Photo Archive - Wendelle C. Stevens. 1945-2010.

24 boxes containing material related to the life and career of ufologist Wendelle C. Stevens and the operation of his UFO Photo Archive, including more than 5000 photographs of UFO sightings and related phenomena, 300-plus items of correspondence, containing letters, photographs, drawings and/or manuscripts, 350-plus periodicals, including rare and international publications, approximately 3 linear ft of material related to Stevens's own encounter experiences, including séance transcripts and other new age material, Colonel Stevens' Air Force Flight Record, Health Record and more.

Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens, born 1923 in Round Prairie, Minnesota, was a leading ufologist for more than 50 years and the creator of one of the largest private UFO photo archives known.

 Stevens' interest in the UFO phenomenon was kindled by his experience as an Air Force pilot in the Arctic after the end of World War II, where he encountered mysterious radio transmissions while working as part of a classified project to photograph and map the area using new technology.

Stevens began his own investigations after retiring from the Air Force and in 1979 published the 4-volume UFO Contact from the Pleiades, which detailed the extraterrestrial experiences of Edouard "Billy" Meier in Germany and established Stevens' reputation in the world of Ufology.

Over the following three decades, Stevens amassed his collection of UFO photographs from around the world, researching and writing articles about the encounter stories they illustrated and appearing as an expert at UFO conferences internationally.

From his home in Tucson, he was the Director of Investigations for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) and a founder of the International UFO Congress.

In total, Stevens authored or co-authored more than 22 UFO-related monographs.

Colonel Stevens received a lifetime achievement award at the First World UFO Forum in Brasilia, 1997.

He passed away in Tucson, Arizona, in 2010.