This man´s guardian angels inform him about extraterrestrials!

16.05.2019 19:03

VIDEO: Extraterrestrial Revelation & Disclosure ' Patrick De Haan

Patrick´s angels have told him about

listen at 19:57

  • SIRIANS -the blue ones :)

  • Pleiadians

  • Arcturians and

  • beings from Canopus.

These starbeings are the creators of the human DNA and act as protectors of the planet Earth.

The Alien Handbook by Patrick De Haan

This book includes information about

highly evolved life forms from other worlds in our galaxy that are visiting and observing Earth.

There are channeling sessions between the author and his guardian angel guides and extraterrestrials in general and sessions with aliens visiting and observing Earth during the time the book was written--2014 through early 2016.

Mari´s favorite book:


It is the most interesting book with info on about 200 stars and their evolution. And how their energy affect us on Earth! 

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