The "virus crop circle" in Wiltshire and my INTERPRETATION of it.

01.07.2020 11:17
I have used pendulum for almost 30 years and I started the spirit communication as a kid with "Spirit of the Glass" game. Nowadays I ask questions from Ofelas my angel / my messenger. Most people have a connection potential to their angel aspect and are able to self-heal when using the Divine Spark within. Meditation, prayer and self-programming are great tools for that.
I have received important pendulum messages in many different languages, some I do not even understand because they are in computer code, but Google has helped me. A code message lead me to Laxman Innertainment Machine in 2012! It gave me inspiration during a time of deep sadness...
I have received important pendulum messages in 


-old greek, 



-binary code, 

-icelandic and now in 

-old high german when I asked about this crop circle from Wiltshire!

 I think it looks like water and yes, like "the virus"


The word which appeared on my alphabet diagram is "WAFAN" and it means "WEAPON".
The manipulations of water can be used as war against humanity and all living things on Earth. People fall ill when the water is unstructured. Read more about it on STRUCTURED VS UNSTRUCTURED WATER:
A Russian study: the sign of the cross and prayer are able killing microbes and change the optical properties of water!!!

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