The Denver airport mural, the bluish horse

28.07.2017 08:34

My interpretation of one the murals and some of it´s symbols at the Denver airport.

Dream interpretation and studying symbolism has been a hobby of mine since my teenage years.

Symbolism: The blue horse is a "heavenly" horse, it has it´s origins in the sky/space/other dimension.

-Notice  that the North American indians called the train for "iron horse".

The horses belly has many compartments, it is somekind of vessel, heavenly carrier / a SPACE SHIP.

It looks like it has the white Tree of Life /DNA inside.

The corn is a symbol for the Mayan creator god, the maize god, THE FIRST FATHER.

The bird is a symbol for angels/spirit world and for somebody one who came from the sky/heavens, extraterrestrials.

Look how the First Father is seeding, spreading seeds from it´s golden, divine hooves. Maybe it is creating new Life, new human race at the new dawn. (The rising (?) sun.)

The red baby is a symbol of a soul who reached the level of cosmic consciousness/Christ consciousness. The CHRIST IS often RED in color symbolism. (ESU/Jesus is the Red one.)

Maybe the seeding (creation) takes place on Earth,or somewhere else. -Evacuation through a dimensional portal /"a black hole"? Look at the black area at the horse´s feet. 

-Well, your guess is as good as mine...some of us will find out.

There is probably more info in the mural, but I feel that these are my most important notes on the subject.

Watch Mother Shipton prophesies -listen closely at 9:55 on the video.

A great book to read about seeding of the Earth: Starlight elixirs and Cosmic vibrational Healing. (See star SIRIUS and our genetic ancestry.)