Thank You Sirians!

18.05.2019 14:15

Amazing information and healing can be received during and after "SIRIUS-meditation"

Transmissions have sometimes been strange, not understandable codes which I have downloaded with the pendulum. One of the codes lead me (via Google) to LAXMAN INNERTAINMENT SYSTEM!!

LAXMAN truly has been a LIFE SAVER for me during these past hellish years when I left everything here in Sweden to take care of my dying mother in Finland, -and later my father.

That time drained me in many ways. I also lost my company Atonworks, but that´s OK. I couldn´t physically be in two places at the same time...

-Experincing death so close teached me to get my priorities in order!

LAXMAN has helped me NOT to BURN OUT MY BRAIN! 

Thanks SIRIANS & Co!