STAR "ALPHARD" (Alpha Hydrae) in constellation Hydra.

18.07.2021 14:29




9 23 52 +3 19.21



I CHECKED WHICH STARS IN HYDRA ARE IN "Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing". Cosmic information from Master Hilarion.




Alphard can enhance the ability to bring emotions to consciousness and to work with them with others particularly in dealing with emotion of anger. The true source of anger may be felt more and be easily released as a result. Individuals in therapy where anger is an important issue will benefit in utilizing this elixir for more understanding of the purposes of anger. This elixir or MEDITATION UPON THE STAR is often able to transform anger into enthusiam more easily for people. There is some benefit in combining Alphard with Mars elixir.


The civilization associated with Alphard moves through periods of deep attunement, awareness and love for the people of Earth. This will usually alternate from time to time with disgust, revoltion and fear as if it is impossible to understand why these people of Earth would do the things they do to destroy their environment, each other and so on.


What these beings have attemted to do over the last 2000 years in looking at people on Earth was to take the highest and best of their ideas, put them in the star to continuous broadcast and the withdraw from communication, awareness and understanding of what is happening on Earth. This is a general tendency that has lasted with these beings for a long time as they have worked with other civilizations at various times.


Only a few individuals from this civilization have been allowed to make direct attunement with the people of Earth. These individuals became aware of the powerful influence of Mars over the many centuries and the continuing influence of the Martian thought form. There has been a deliberate attempt on the part of these beings to gradually shift the energy of Alphard so that it is able to in some ways to neutralize or assist with people this Martian energy. This star is also broadcasting an underlying aspect of an enthusiastic, all-powerfull universal love. This is naturally inspired by the beautiful yellow color of the star. These beings have recognized that to transcend or go around the intellectual or even emotional qualities would be a useful way of bringing the energy of this star to bear on Earth. These loving, encouraging and enthusiastic aspects are non-verbal energies that come to people of Earth to provide a general source of inspiration and encouragement to shift and understand the nature of anger.


At the current time anger, pain, fear and other negative emotions have biologically  based aspects. These energies have a purpose. These energies can show you where love has been inappropriately applied with other people or in relating to oneself. This can lead to understanding of repulsion and attraction and the ability of natural phenomena in the world to interrelate.

alphard star,alpha hydrae

Transformed negative emotions can encourage other aspects of emotional awareness based on many variations of universal love, compassion, awe, praise, faith and the awareness of deep  levels of pleasure and understanding. The negative emotions themselves can show a path of transformation. Most people woud tend to be trapped in the negative emotions for long periods before they can see how the transformation CAN BE WILLED. This is not by repressing the emotion but by understanding what it means and why it is there. All of these things  are naturally affected by the warmth, love and compassion of this beautiful GOLDEN color of Alphard, as well as its sprituality and resonance WITH THE CHRIST ENERGY. This can bring clearer mental functioning to people by stimulating THE YELLOW RAY.

All of these things can work now for people with the transformation of anger into enthusiasm. Earth is a planet of action, moving, doing and creating. The pricipal energy of anger is creating at the biological level is usually to move faster, be stronger, or perhaps yell or make a load sound. THESE ARE BIOLOGICALLY BASED ACTIONS COMING FROM THE PRIMATES THAT ARE PART OF THE GENETIC STRUCTURES OF PEOPLE.


People have the capacity to understand this and allow such energy to transform into enthusiasm. This star can influence many other processes of transformation such as the transformation of FEAR INTO A DEEP LOVE, compassion and oneness and the transformation of pain into the awareness of healing and change.