Pendelanalys: information om kristaller / ädelstenar och blommor som är passande för dig!

13.09.2020 22:14


Vill du få fantastisk information om kristaller / ädelstenar och blommor? 

Informationen kommer på engelska. 

Du kan ta informationen som vägledning 

eller beställa elixir från Pegasus Products. 



  Columbite - Higher Communication

This elixir enables someone to hear, in working with someone else, the meaning behind words, a deeper intent, in fact the highest loving intent of a person’s communication, even in those words that seem harsh. Not only will this enhance forgiveness but also it can allow better communication, especially between adults and teenagers. Columbite can improve the communion between one and their higher self or higher beings of integration.This elixir is great to use for prayer.

  Hollyhock (Althaea rosea) - Joyful States

Increases one’s ability to understand the essential joyfulness of 4th dimensional energies, thus opening a doorway to powerful energies of love and spirit. Helps one to tap into one’s unconscious and have deeper insights into the realms of devas and angels. Combines well with inert gas elixirs.



Kostnad för pendelanalys: 50 kr / 2 st

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