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26.03.2019 18:39



(No speaking on the video because the healing transmission test was on-going.)

Mari-Aton Jalkanens distant healing was filmed in 2006 with Polycontrast Interference Photography by Dr Thornton Streeter from the Centre for Biofield Sciences.

He  and his crew were amazed how clearly  the energy appears in the receivers energyfield. (The fysical distance between Mari Aton and the test person was 13 km.)

See for yourself! The third eye area was activeted by the healing energy. The same happened with the thymus area above heart and solarplexus. Dr Streeter was very impressed over the power of Mari Atons distant healing.

Mari has practiced prayer since her childhood. Meditation and pendulum healing have also been important parts of her life since the 80´s. 

She uses The Angel Oracle-cards (Ask Your Angels /Andrew Ramer) for psychic inspiration and guidance.

She co-operates with her guide Ofelas who is a part of a bigger group of highly evolved beings.

Maris distant healing has a purifying, calming and energizing effect on the receiver.

Maris wish is to inspire other people to activate their healing abilities and do daily self-healing like she does on herself.

About distant healing: possible  curing of a disease  is done by the receiver´s Soul and by God/Goddess/All that Is.