My little secret

12.12.2019 12:07


I have had profound experiences with the God/Goddess/All that is since I was very young. 


Prayer, meditation and clearings (spirit/entity removal) have been my personal weapons against falsehood and manipulation. 


I started to do clearings with pendulum in the beginning of the 90s and have practiced grounding-meditation since I found the book ”Ask your Angels” from New York in 1994.


While doing holotropic breathwork in year 2000 I received a lot of amazing information while ”BEING IN THE LIGHT”. Yes, my spirit was totally in contact with the Great Light. 


One piece of information has been my little secret since I thought that people would not be able to understand that. I thought that they would lock horns with me and I was not interested in that because I needed to protect myself. This is the message downloaded to me from the Light: ”THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG, EVERYTHING JUST IS.”


-Well, this info was certainly a lot to take in when I simultaneously was experiencing the difficult 3D-world I was living in...


Some time ago I found Ron Amitron on YouTube and he also speaks about The True Light  does not judge.


You can read more about him here:


You can read about Stanislav Grof´s Holotropic breathwork here: