My text and opinions were not accepted on Youtube - Min text blev censurerad på Youtube

22.08.2020 13:59

The cell phone radiation, vaccines and Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)
connection. This what I write is what I have chosen to believe 
after my research online and I was also married during the 90s 
to a mobile phone specialist here in Sweden, he told me some 
horrid things about radiation and cancer. 
The radiation breaks that protective barrier (BBB) so that 
the brain can get contaminated with virus and bacteria. 
This is the same with the human cells: radiation can open 
the cell membrane and let virus and stuff easier in. 
The radiation also ruins your thymus, which is an important 
center for your immunesystem. It also breaks your DNA = cancer. 
These are some the reasons I have not used mobile phones 
other than for sms. My phone is mostly switched off.
The TRUE Internet is within: MEDITATE! With the power of 
your mind you can change your DNA!