I väntans tider: om människans ursprung

01.10.2015 09:14

Jag är mycket nyfiken över en sak: hur kommer den styrande makteliten leverera info om människans ursprung och om vår skapare..

(Bild "The Tree of Life" / The First Legend-länk)

Den katolska kyrkan vill ha sin makt kvar: "Vatican prepares for imminent discovery of extraterrestrial life" på Youtube

Eller så kan man läsa en bok: "Starlight elixirs and cosmic vibrational healing"

By Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld.

This book, through the description of close to two hundred star systems and deep space objects finally brings together the information that enlightens the reader as to why stars influence our lives. How do these specific energies of different stars, as described fully in this book, touch us and affect our consciousness?

Why is it that when we read of these other civilizations do we feel a familiarity and a connection to a loving extraterrestrial presence? How does this book open the reader to his or her own extraterrestrial nature and history?

This book also describes a system of healing that uses light from distant stars and space objects to accelerate consciousness and bring change on many levels.