I received messages from "THE OTHER SIDE

27.06.2017 07:29

A couple of messages from "THE OTHER SIDE".

My uncle and my teacher Esko Jalkanen was a famous healer in Finland. He passed on in 2007....
Soon after his passing he appeared in my dream and asked if I wanted to continue his work.
I answered:"Yes, but in my own way."

Now in 2017 I experienced a strong presence at my home. I took my pendulum and asked: "Who is here with me?" "Esko." was the answer. He had a message to me. I received it, letter by letter, on the alphabet diagram The message was in finnish, and here´s the translation: "The God is in the water of the brain."
-How very interesting!! Everybody knows nowadays that the water is a fantastic medium/carrier of information!

I looked for more info on the Internet and found this: "the brain isn't surrounded by water but by a fluid called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

CSF has three important functions:
•it protects the brain from damage
•it removes waste products from the brain
•it provides the brain with the nutrients it needs to function properly
The brain constantly produces new CSF - about a pint a day - while old fluid is released from the brain and absorbed into the blood vessels."

Then, I would like to tell you about an interesting test I made a test about 10 years ago with a finnish engineer who has a Kirlian camera. I transmitted energy (=prayer/pendulum healing) from Stockholm/Sweden to a glass of water in Helsinki/Finland. The result was amazing: the before and after pictures with the Kirlian camera showed that the amount of golden color increased in the water!

So I thought that now is the time get "magical" again: I asked my Higher Mind to energize/bless the liquid in my brain and I must say: "Hey, thanks for turnng the lights on!" The feeling was the same as after a good meditation. It is a natural high and you do not need drugs or trepanning (drill a hole in your skull to balance the pressure in the brain)!

The intelligence of The Spirit/God/Goddess knows how to balance the electrical system in our bodies. It is a field of information and we can tap into it, if we have the Ears to hear and the Eye to see....The Universe is Electric!

THE MESSAGE FROM THE OTHER SIDE continues.  I am collecting more information to study the message from my "dead" uncle, healer Esko Jalkanen.

 We humans have a butterfly formed bone in our skulls.

It is called SPHENOID. The sphenoid acts as an ENGINE  (see video!!) or cranial bones and sutures to articulate via flexion which circulates THE CEREBROSPINAL FLUID throughout the skull and spinal column. This is the basis of cranio sacral therapy and so called SPIRITUAL ASCENCION.

Mari Aton´s reflexion on this: I know for sure that self-programming/prayer/distant healing can positively effect this system.. Thank you uncle-Esko!!

(MRI image.)