Delfin / Dolphin animal power / Angel Dreams Oracle

09.05.2022 11:56

Dolphin: Cosmic Consciousness, Breath, Sacred Geometry

The dolphin card is reminding you to breathe. Connect with your breath regu­larly throughout the day. Breath work will help you align, center, and expand your awareness. It will relieve stress and keep you focused.

This card also represents your connec­tion with cosmic patterns called sacred geom­etry. Perhaps you need to work with crystal grids, ley lines, or platonic solids to connect with cosmic consciousness. The universe is calling for you to attune to its sacred shapes.

Additional meanings:

  • *Use breath work to connect with cosmic consciousness, your primordial origins, and the universe.
  • *Spend time near the ocean or listening to oceanic music.
  • *Do manifestation exercises using your breath and sacred sound.
  • *Incorporate sacred geometric shapes into your daily life or ritual work. You can paint, draw, or meditate upon them to enhance your creative powers and open doorways into new dimensions.