Cosmic star information: Pendulum dowsing for stars. Spiritual guidance. Fortune telling.

01.11.2021 14:49


"For thousands of years, in all cultures, people have been meditating on their favorite stars. 

Many rituals have also been focused on certain of these heavenly bodies.  By gazing at certain stars, breathing in their energy and directing that energy to certain areas of the body, profound change is available. An intention or thought of gratitude and connection can also greatly serve this process. 


Not only can the stars and those sentient beings that dwell amongst them broadcast thoughts and energies directly to us in a quick manner but we too can send our thoughts and feelings to them." 


The information on different stars and star evolution in cosmos comes from the ascended Master Hilarion. The information can be found in the book "Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing". 

I have numbered the 300 stars and  this is the way how I can dowse with my pendulum which 2 star energies are beneficial for you right now.   


Cosmic star information. For your inspiration: 

1) info on which area of your life needs attention. 

2) Two stars to connect with. You will receive description on their energy and how the energy can help & heal you during meditation / sleep or if you take the starlight elixir. 


Notice: NO nasty ETs in this guidance. Master Hilarion warns humanity of Zeta Reticuli, Eta Dragonis, Rigel in Orion and beings from Barnard´s star. 


This is how you can use the cosmic star information:  

-in activation of hidden talents from previous life,  

-for meditation, 

-CE-5 contacts,  




-in your ascension process. 


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I will send the cosmic star information into your mailbox. 


 Radionics / Fortune Telling / Psychic analysis. I started dowsing in 1992 with Anne C. Williams pendulum charts. Allmost 30 years later I make my own charts on Stars and Angel Oracle / Ask Your Angels (GRACE method.) 


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