Cosmic contact! Massive UFO Sighting Over Colombia

01.06.2019 08:37

Great video:  Jump to 01:10 min.  Massive UFO Sighting Over Colombia ' Mysterious White Dots UFO In Sky

 I have seen this kind of "plasma dots" many times, because I have been looking into the skies since my childhood. I also have seen flocks of orange ones flying at extreme speed.

I have noticed that if I ask for contact it will happen. If I am indoors I can see a flash of blue light or hear a high pitching sound, then I´ll go and do some star gazing. After waiting for a while I will see this kind of dot/dots moving, then disappearing and appearing again. 

Sometimes they FLASH and then I thank them. Then they flash again, sometimes 3 times! I feel a great sense of JOY when this happens! It gives me strength to carry on with my life here on Earth.

These experiences remind me that there is more to life and conciousness than the constant misunderstandings and battles between the minds of people on Earth.

When you declutter your mind small and bigger miracles start to manifest....

Cloud foto: Mari Aton

Meditate on star SIRIUS!