The Christ Self -Look for a Power object!

17.03.2020 06:30


I am NOT connected to any religious group, but I love this picture from the Summit Light House. I was in one of their meetings in Finland (1985) after my year as an exchange student looking for reason to be...


This text is from the Summit Light House home page

The Universal Christ individualized as the true identity of the soul; the Real Self of every man, woman, and child to which the soul must rise. 

The Christ Self is the mediator between a man and his God. He is a man’s own personal Teacher, Master, and Prophet who officiates as High Priest before the altar of the Holy of Holies (I AM Presence) of every man’s temple made without hands.


Buddha Babe (Av Mari Aton &Tomas Ekman)


The Angel Oracle / Ask Your Angels: Look for a Power Object.
A power object focuses your energy and purposefulness. It cold be a book, a crystal, a rock an unusual stick you find in the woods, or a special shell you discover as you wander on the beach... 
The search for your power object is a pilgrimage to the part you discover of yourself that you are ready to honor and know. 
It is the part that remembers why you came to this planet and what you are here to do. Through this object you will be empowered to know yourself better and be yourself more.