09.07.2019 10:22


A new joint project between composer Craig Pruess and animator and artist Jurgen Ziewe. This video will also be available as a Virtual Reality experience for the Oculus Rift shortly.

The music compositions of Craig Pruess are based on inspiration gained during his deep meditation and often involve the use of ancient mantras. This spacious, ethereal, and deeply healing sound track from Craig's album "Angel of the Earth" introduces the amazing 56 string MONOCHORD, a healing instrument that you lie on! Ilyana, the vocalist, is also a sound healer, Reiki practioner and yoga teacher from Somerset, UK. Craig and Ilyana have spent many months capturing this incredible sound. The unique collaboration of these two masters of healing sound also features sitar, tambura, Native American Indian flute, and Ilyana's haunting, other-worldly vocal sounds.

The visuals are taken from inner meditation experiences but are also frequently reported by people having had near death experiences. People using sacred plants, such as as Ayahuasca or psilocybin mushrooms have reported similar image strings as well. Though this experience should not simply be seen as "digital acid". They are archetypal visuals, found across all cultures, for example in the intricate mandalas of Tibetan Buddhism. The fractal roots of these images can be found at the core of all creation, from plant growth, DNA to the vast spiral galaxies of our external universe. The subconscious mind will easily recognize these archetypes and start relating to them naturally. With the heartfelt and penetrating, twenty four minute sound track, it is perfect for relaxation, yoga nidra, birthing, healing sessions, sleep and turning off after a stressful day at work.