CE5-contact with a SPACE SHIP?

25.08.2019 12:31

August 24 2019

I was stargazing last night on my balcony and I was asking for a contact with other, higher dimensions, because I was very bored and a bit sad... (Totally sober) I sat about 15 minutes, cried a little bit....

Suddenly I saw a travelling light which did not blink and I started to follow it with my gaze. I said to the light in my thoughts: "Give my a brighter flash of light if you are a space ship!" I repeated this message couple of times in my mind and
then the light grew STRONGER and STRONGER for about 5-6 seconds and finally it faded away altogether!

I got inside to my apartment and I said to "them" in my thoughts: "You better give me an encouraging message now! I am bored to be here on Earth!"

 I received this short psychic message with my pendulum: "FIND A DYGA".

When I googled DYGA I found this nice song...https://youtu.be/g-UZALtGEaQ

and felt inspired I must say!

Meaning of Дъга - Dyga

August 26:  I received more guidance in a dream with clear pictures what to do and I tested it to myself

 -It truly means "RELIEVING ARCH"!!!     



"Christ and the two Marys" by William Holman.

I have received information the we humans have actually 2 Souls!

The Maya indians had the same understanding.