Astronauten som fick distanshealing blev cancerfri!

24.08.2018 15:10

Mitt brev till Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation:

"Dr Edgar Mitchell knew about distant healing and had respect for it, unlike so many here in Sweden. 
My roots are in Finland and distant healing has been a tradition in my family. 
In 2009 I made tests with Dr Thornton Streeter and I sent healing from Stockholm, Sweden to Pune in India and Dr Streeter could photograph the energifields of the patients.It is AMAZING!

See the document,, -notice the pictures down below in the document,:

Cleared auricfield is the best medicine, for me."

Från Facebook Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation: 

"Hi Mari-Aton Jalkanen.


Edgar told me how he was healed from a Prostate cancer and another type of cancer. Thank you."

OBS! Jag påstor inte att healern var jag.