Asteroid explosion nära Grönland 12 mars 2022.

14.03.2022 19:36

Asteroid explosion nära Grönland 12 mars 2022. Den motsvarade ca 2-3 kiloton TNT!!


Valtava asteroidin aiheuttama räjähdys Grönlannin lähettyvillä lauantaina 12/3:tta 2022 Euroopan Avaruus Agencyn mukaan. Räjähdys vastasi n 3-2 kilotonnia TNT räjähdysainetta!

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THIS IS TRUE! I am sure that generals who want WAR just LOVE this kind of stuff!!

I just received an email from European Space Agency about Near Earth Objects / NEOs: ".....there is independent evidence that the impact did in fact occur thanks to the international network of infrasound detectors.

Signals from the impact were detected from Iceland and Greenland, suggesting an energy release equivalent to 2 to 3 kt of TNT. This is more than what would have been expected from a metre-sized impactor, and pointed to a likely larger diameter of 3 to 4 metres."

-What is TNT?? TNT is a powerful explosive substance. What is a kiloton?? 1 : 1000 tons. 2 : an explosive force equivalent to that of 1000 tons of TNT.