19.07.2017 10:17


When the Greater Intelligence (the Angel in me/ I Am presence) saved my life.

(My body turned cold when writing this in 2017.)

The year was 1998. My swedish boyfriend at the time Stefan was not happy when I critizied him for being
dishonest and I suspected him for using drugs. (Wine & beer was OK with me at the time, but drugs not.)

I wanted to leave him and he got totally grazy and hit my head with a brass candelabra! I passed out
and fell down to the floor.

After some time I woke up to a powerfull male voice within me: "NOW YOU HAVE TO GET HELP!"

I opened my eyes and saw blood all over around and on me! I saw how blood gushed from the left side of my head!!

Painstakingly I could get up and I saw Stefan was in another room staring at the wall. I walked slowly up the stairs to wake up my neighbour. She panicked when she saw me and could not do anything! I had to wake up another neighbor who then could call the police and the ambulance.

At the hospital the doctor said: "You were 2 cm from dying! If you were hit straight on the temple area of the head you would have died!"

Stefan did not get any punishment by the law. I could not afford a lawyer and I just wanted to get on with my life without him.

9 years passed. Stefan called me on the phone one evening and he was intoxicated. He was in agony. He wanted to talk about the violent night in 1998. He told me that he had kicked my head several times when I was unconsciouss on the floor!

He told me also that the swedish police had adviced him NOT to tell about the kicking in the court, because he would get a long jail sentence for that!! Can you imagine "the advice" a police can give?

I was chocked and angry and spoke with the prosecutor the very next day. He said: "There´s no case. It is "a word against word". The police protect each other, no use of any further procedure. And the case is too old."

But there was a very sobering blessing in disquise in all of this. And I fell that I AM the winner.

I could have died or turned into a vegetable in that terrible act of violence but the powerfull
protection was on me, and I want to call him:"OFELAS". OFELAS IS A VERY GOOD MAN!!

-And I finally found HIM.